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The Importance of Incorporating Social Media In Your Job Search

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Like it or not, social media plays a significant role in most of our lives, and it is a critical part of searching for a new job. Even if you’re not a fan or frequent user of social media, it’s important to have a few profiles and keep them active. Not doing so misses a great opportunity to show potential employers you know how to work the internet and have some related technological skills. There are several key ways you can use social media when looking for a new position.

It demonstrates your personal brand. When you create and maintain your social media accounts (like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter for example), it allows you to promote the image you want about yourself. Some people flood their accounts with color schemes and inspire people with stories and quotes. It can be a powerful way to tell someone what you’ll be like as an individual and an employee. Think about what you value, who your target audience is, and how you’d like others to see you when working on your brand.

It expands the ways you can network with others. Networking and communicating with other people is a vital way of finding new jobs. By the nature of the label “social” media, this avenue is meant to connect people for various reasons. You’ll want to use social media as part of your job search so that you can find out from others what unlisted available positions might be out there. Networking in person is always a good idea when possible, but the online options afforded by social media mean the opportunities are nearly limitless.

It allows you direct access to companies you want to work for. The great thing about the span of social media is likely the company you want to work for has a profile too. And, the people who work for your desired companies also have profiles. This allows you to have inside tracks to contacting them and finding out more information about them and the company. It also allows both to find you, if they’re looking, by setting up key terms in your profiles.

When you go all out and start using your social media for your job search, it can quickly multiply your opportunities. Be consistent across your platforms to avoid any red flags a recruiter might perceive. When you’re job searching, be calculated about what you post and try to avoid polarizing views at this time. You’ll need to like and share content to be active, but do so in a thoughtful way and always with the intention of impressing a potential hiring manager.

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