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How to Use Skills-Based Hiring to Your Advantage When Looking for a Job

Unlike in the past, today’s employers tend to consider applicants who don’t have a specific education, don’t have a college degree, and also those who don’t have pre-determined years of experience in their field. Instead, companies are using skills-based hiring more than ever, which means they hire candidates based on what they are able to do.

One reason for this is that companies “struggle to attract and retain highly skilled workers” in a challenging economy, according to Forbes. As an applicant, here’s how you can use this development to your advantage.

It shows your flexibility.

Perhaps you are a well-rounded person in life and in your career. Are you one of those people who knows a little bit about everything? What a better work atmosphere to thrive in than one that is skills-based. Maybe you start out in the customer service department at your company but then your managers see that you are excellent at identifying and meeting customers’ needs. That might prompt them to find a place for you in marketing. This is a skills-based move.

You can shape your career.

Another way you can use skills-based hiring to your advantage is using it to plan your career. You have control over what learning and experiences in development you want to participate in. For example, you can choose what classes or training you’d like to pursue on your own. One area to think about is AI. Employers are looking for those applicants with this kind of experience, so you can forge your own path for the future by getting more familiar with this technology.

You can focus on what you’re interested in.

With the perceived “death of the college degree,” you can think about really concentrating on where your passions lie rather than taking your time to pursue a specific education. In the past when employers first looked at what degrees you held, applicants had to focus on that first. Now, job seekers can pursue areas that interest them without having to complete all the other requirements of a degree. For example, as mentioned before, if you’re obsessed with how AI is affecting our world, great! Today, employers love that skill, so instead of spending your time in a college classroom, you can absorb any of the AI training you can find.

Skills-based hiring is in a perfect storm at the moment.

Companies need quality applicants. They need people who can evolve their skills. And, they need people who are willing to learn. This is closing the door to the more traditional hires we were used to seeing. Look forward to a time when employers not only hire but welcome those applicants who demonstrate they have the needed skills and are willing to do the job.


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