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How To Use Your Community To Help You Find a Job In DC during the 2022 Midterm Elections

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

It’s always an exciting time to be in Washington, D.C. And with the 2022 Midterm Elections coming up, it could be even more exciting. For all of the important activities that take place in D.C., it is a relatively compact city where connections are possible everywhere. Working in D.C. is a dream for some job seekers, and if this is you, you may be asking yourself how you can use your community to help you find a new job. Here are some outlets for using the community around you to find that dream position during the upcoming election.

Current employees. Since D.C. is a tight-knit community, it’s possible you may only have a few degrees of separation from someone hiring for a job you want. Think about who you know that works in D.C. This may mean you need to consider friends of friends or a distant relative who works on the Hill and get in touch with them. You can also use social media like LinkedIn to see if an old classmate works somewhere in D.C. Once you make this contact, you can ask them for any ideas they have about job openings where they work.

Networking opportunities. Washington D.C. thrives on networking, especially during an election season. It’s how everyone on the Hill gets anything accomplished. Lobbyists use networking to advance their interests and politicians regularly network to do the work of their constituents. D.C. has multiple opportunities for meetups, executive events, and workshops for entrepreneurs. There are many people who are new to D.C. and find each other through events like these or simply walking up to each other while they are out and about and introducing themselves.

Events around the city. Closely related to networking, you can best use your community in D.C. to find a job during election season by attending as many events or rallies as possible. You’ll get the most out of these connections by being open to anyone you meet in any outing you attend. It’s important to overcome the shyness of attending an event alone. If you don’t have someone to go to an event with, know that other people are also in your position. Stay focused on your agenda of finding a job. You’ll quickly notice things in common with people because of your similar passions and this will take the pressure off to be social.

Bottom line, it’s important to get involved in any way you can during an election season, especially if you’re new to D.C. If you’re having trouble finding a job, consider volunteering for a non-profit organization that interests you too. This could be a great way to locate someone with similar interests and some connections in areas where you want to work. Using the community around you is easier if you’re social by nature, but it’s also possible for everyone. The best way to succeed is just putting yourself in the position to connect with as many people as possible.

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