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How to Have the Right Mindset When Applying for Jobs Online

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Job candidates find themselves in different positions when applying for jobs online. One may be only

looking out of curiosity while another may be desperately seeking a new position because they were just fired. These different positions cause various degrees of frustration and anxieties when applying for jobs online. Here are a few ways to have the best mindset when you find yourself sorting through online postings and sending your application out into the unknown.

Believe the right job is out there for you. On some level, many job seekers have a scarcity mindset. This usually stems from their own negative past experiences or those of others. We are fortunate that since the pandemic and numerous people leaving their positions, there are many openings at the moment. Having the mindset of scarcity may force you to take the first position offered to you because you don’t think there’ll be another anytime soon. Thinking the right job is coming allows you to be open when it does.

Know that rejection is part of it. One thing you can count on if you’re seeking a job is eventually having someone turn you down for the position. That may only be in the form of never hearing back after you submit your resume or after a job interview, but it may also be hearing directly from a company that you are not a good fit for them. While not easy to hear or digest, it’s best to have the mindset that this kind of rejection is inevitable and happens to everyone. It could also be saving you from a job that seems ideal but is far from it.

Move forward even if you’re frustrated or fearful. Fear is one of the biggest things holding anyone back, and it is self-sabotaging. It’s also frustrating to continue to put resumes out to online jobs only for them 8to seem to fall into an abyss where you never hear anything in return. Additionally, you may have a fear of getting the job you want only to have it disappoint you. The better mindset is staying positive and looking ahead with assuredness that as long as you remain focused on your goals, you’ll succeed.

Much like anything else in life, your job search excels the more you put into it. Looking for a job online can be overwhelming because of all the different sites that are available and that you are applying with so many other candidates. That’s why it’s important to keep up the other job search activities like networking and restyling your resume for each individual position you apply for. But before you do any preparation at all, having the best mindset you can is a great place to start.




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