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Why You Should Ask for a Promotion at Work

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

For most people, moving up the ladder is part of their ultimate career goals. Perhaps you’re considering if it might be a good time to ask for a promotion at work. When you think you’re ready to ask for this new designation, be prepared to defend why deserve it. Here are a few indicators that you are ready to approach management about advancing your position at your company.

You’ve consistently met the goals set for you. Many companies conduct performance reviews and set some achievable milestones during that meeting. If you’ve met the goals that are set for you, it could be a good time to talk about a promotion. You also want to look at your performance over time and not just your recent achievements. When you’ve been consistent in this way, it’s easier to justify that you’re committed to the company and your own personal growth and that you always put in a full effort at work.

You’ve continually said “yes” to more responsibilities. When you’ve been in a position for a while, it may be hard to even remember what your original job duties were. See if you can get ahold of your original job description and compare it against what you really do on a daily basis. Make note of all the things you have said “yes” to during your time at the company. Ask for a meeting with your boss and go over the list of extra responsibilities you’ve taken on as a defense for that promotion.

You’ve taken the time to mentor other employees. If other co-workers look up to you and consistently ask you questions about how to perform their jobs, you may be in line for a promotion. Having others look up to you in this way shows that you are not only knowledgeable but that you are well respected. For members of management, respect is key. This could be a particularly strong quality when you’re asking to become a manager over your current team.

To successfully ask for a promotion, you have to get inside the mind of those in charge and give them a reason for your advancement. How does it serve them? Maybe giving you a promotion simply comes down to job satisfaction of one of their best employees. A good company will look at how you’re producing and reward you for your efforts. Bottom line, when you’re ready to ask for a promotion, you’ll need to be prepared with the reasons why you feel you deserve it.

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