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What to Consider When Networking in Unusual Situations

Networking is the act of trying to connect with another person to obtain some kind of lead or an “in” with a person or business. It is an act that can be done virtually anywhere from in line to order coffee to a memorial event. Still, while it can be done anytime or anywhere doesn’t always mean it should. Consider the following factors if you’re questioning when it might be appropriate to network for a new job.

What is the mood of the event? One of the most critical ways you’ll be able to determine if it’s okay to network is what is the mood of the occasion. This may be more important than what the actual occasion is. You may be at a birthday party but get the sense that it’s a solemn event because the person being celebrated just got out of the hospital. Conversely, you may be at a funeral but it’s a very joyous occasion where everyone is celebrating a long life well lived. Take the temperature of the room before you start trying to obtain a lead from someone at an event.

Are you an unknown guest? How well known you are at the event you are attending may affect whether or not you should network. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but the better known you are among the crowd or to the person you are trying to network with, the more likely it’ll be accepted. For example, if you’re attending a family event for the first time with a new date, you might want to take the lead of a new contact if they have the perfect job for you. Do they seem okay with strangers and that you’re attending the event? Then it might be okay to network.

What energy are you getting from the person you’re engaging with? For one of the best clues if it’s okay to network is to gauge your audience, meaning the person standing right in front of you. No matter what event you’re attending or how new you are, if the person is being cold and uninterested, it might not be the best time to try to get a job lead from them. In these situations, it may be best to make a great first impression by being friendly and personable and then try to bump into them again later down the line.

Networking is one of best ways to find out about and land new jobs. In fact, you may even learn about jobs that aren’t listed publicly or move your resume right to the top of consideration just by who you meet while you’re out and about. However, if you don’t read a situation accurately, it could also blow an opportunity as well. So, instead of making a judgment call about the situation in which you meet someone, pay attention to how receptive the party is who you want to connect with first.

Is It Appropriate to Network Anywhere–Even at a Funeral?

“You Can Network Anywhere, Anytime, On Any Occasion ~ Even At A Funeral ~ “

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