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Types of Interviews You Might Encounter While Looking for a Job

As you go out into the world looking for a new job, there are several types of job interview techniques you may encounter. Before you prepare ahead of time, ask your company what you might expect during the meeting. They are likely to give you an idea of the set up so you can be ready. Here are three different types of interviews that are commonly encountered.

Telephone or Video Conference Interview. Modern technology allows for many different types of interviews. One of these is a video conference interview. It’s possible a potential employer will want to talk to you over a platform like Zoom or Skype before you come in for any additional interviews. For some positions, you may get the job based on this interview alone. You may also be asked to do a telephone interview, especially as a kind of screening technique before you’re invited in for another interview round.

Panel Interview. A panel interview is when you are interviewed by several managers and/or employees of the company at once. These types of interactions could be conducted for several reasons. Usually, more than one person’s opinion is going to weigh in about final decisions. For ease of time, you may be asked to meet with two or more people as they ask you questions. This can be intimidating, but if you’re a good conversationalist and know how to work a room, you could use this set up to your advantage.

Group Interview. Conversely, a group interview includes more than you and the interviewer, but this time, you are meeting with multiple candidates and typically one interviewer. It can be difficult to navigate this kind of interview. A few things to keep in mind is not to put down any other candidate’s answer to a question. Also, make sure you speak up when you do have something to say and not be intimidated by the others present. 

The three types of interviews above are just a few of the ones you can encounter as you apply for a job. You may also find yourself in behavioral, case or competency-based interviews, to name a few. If you can, ask your employer what kind of interview you can expect so you can properly prepare. Going into an interview with confidence about what to expect will go a long way.

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