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Top Industries for 2021

The year 2020 has been unique and one that many people would like to forget. It’s been tough on many industries and people in general, not to mention it has cost some people their lives due to COVID-19. Just like most situations however, there are people who are benefiting from the struggles of 2020. Here are 11 industries that are likely to thrive during 2021.

Cybersecurity. As we become more and more reliable on technology, threats to our online safety come with it. Sites like Facebook have faced breaches that exposed their millions of users to attack. With more people working from home, it’s also necessary to protect the private information workers are more likely to exchange online. Because of all these reasons and more, companies are bound to find the promise of cybersecurity from a software or group appealing for the foreseeable future.

Eldercare. The shortage in caregivers for the elderly could reach a head in the next few years. COVID-19 has created a unique need for additional care as loved ones are not always allowed to visit in the manner they once were able. The large group of Baby Boomers are also about to reach the point where they will start needing additional age-related care. All of these factors together make eldercare an industry that needs new hires for 2021.

Online Shopping and Services. COVID-19 has also created a massive need for online shopping and services. People stuck in quarantine have had no other choice but to turn to companies that can bring what they need to their front doors. Companies like Amazon and have seen a huge increase in business since the pandemic, and this trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future, as online services were even popular pre-pandemic.

Home Healthcare. Again, the need to not leave one’s home is increasing the need to take care of health issues without leaving your home. Not only would this include nursing services like delivery of medications but it could also include telehealth. More and more, patients are communicating with their doctors over an internet connection rather than making the haul to the office to be seen in person. Anything related to treating patients at home will thrive in 2021.

Mental Healthcare and Substance Abuse Facilities. Not everyone is handling the realities of a pandemic well. It’s no wonder why when just about everyone is facing some level of isolation, fear and financial uncertainty. For these reasons, 2021 is likely to see an increased need for mental health services. Included in that is also the need for help with substance abuse since drugs and alcohol is how some people will choose to cope with the stress.

Online Meeting Platforms. It is reported that Zoom saw more revenue between May and July of 2020 than it did in the entirety of 2019. When COVID-19 restrictions became a reality, online meeting platforms exploded. Nearly everyone who could work from home found themselves in online conferences with their co-workers. Even after COVID-19 dissipates, it is anticipated that in many cases, employers will choose to have their employees continue working from home as it lowers their overhead.

Online Education. The ability to take classes online has been a reality for many decades, but 2021 is likely to see one of online education’s biggest years yet. Students anywhere from kindergarten to college will be taking their courses remotely. Because of this, more companies may join the field in providing supportive services to these schools. Entire degrees are likely to be completed remotely now where some classroom fulfillments may have been required in the past.

Video Games. The trend for occupying people’s time at home continues with the increase of video game usage. Those who are stressed are likely to distract themselves in a world of virtual reality, and that may be in the form of a video game. The Washington Post reported between March and April of 2020, there was a 130 percent increase among Microsoft subscribers in terms of multiplayer game engagement. This continues across the sales of consoles, and board games are likely to see a comeback as well.

Delivery Services. If people are stuck at home or even just fearful of going out, delivery services are guaranteed to continue their popularity. Home-delivered groceries and takeout food are only a click away, and many people take advantage of this opportunity. Reuters reports that Ubers food delivery service doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a trend that is not likely to lose much steam as people get used to these conveniences.

Cleaning Industries. More and more people are concerned about cleanliness due to a pandemic. Stores and companies find themselves needing to constantly clean to keep up with the increased demand for safety. In an article by Fortune, cleaning company business owners have reported that their business has “gone crazy since the outbreak started.” Even after we hope the virus dies down, the cleanliness and paranoia of infection is likely to keep this industry strong for a while.

Major Supermarkets. Likely because they are considered essential during shutdowns, major supermarkets will continue to thrive in 2021. Companies like Walmart and chains like Whole Foods are sometimes the only options for food and supplies during the time of a pandemic. Many of these companies have seen an increase in revenue due to the crisis. While many small business will implode from the fallout of the pandemic, major supermarkets will not face the same fate.

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