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Tips on Crafting an Impactful Headline and Summary for Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is significant because of what it does for your brand imaging.

It’s essentially a tool you can use to portray yourself as you’d like to appear to others. When you’re seeking a new position, it’s the best time to look at some of the LinkedIn elements and how you can enhance them to stand out to potential employers. Specifically, here are a few ways you can create a compelling headline and summary for your LinkedIn profile.

Make use of keywords.

The quickest way you’ll make an impact is to write your headline and summary keeping the relevant keywords for your industry in mind. Recruiters and hiring managers use these keywords when they are searching for candidates online. It also helps automatic applicant tracking systems (ATS) find you. What are good keywords you can use for your industry? Start with all the job descriptions you can find, and researching company websites and publications in your industry. Use the words you find over and over again liberally but not so much that you are just repeating yourself.

Focus on your value.

What is unique about you that makes you an irresistible hire to a manager? Demonstrating the outstanding benefit or solution you bring to the table is how you are valuable. Think about what you can do that most other people can’t. Also consider your achievements, strengths, and skills and come up with quantifiable examples of each. Combine these with powerful verbs when writing both your headline and summary.

Make it concise.

Always try to keep your thoughts as short and simple as possible. If they are too long or overly complex, you’re more likely to lose the attention of who you want to see your headline and summary. Keep your summary to three to four sentences ideally. Your headline should be about 10 words or less. Utilize plain language and refrain from using jargons or acronyms. Write in an active voice (no passive verbs) and keep your language positive to get your message across in a meaningful way.

Finally, make sure to proofread your writing and update your headline and summary on a regular basis. 

You’ll get better attention from hiring managers if it looks like you’ve kept your LinkedIn information fresh and up-to-date. Whenever you achieve something or hit a milestone, look over both your summary and headline to see if you can add this accomplishment effectively. Keeping up with all of these tips should give you the best bet that a hiring manager will find you through your LinkedIn profile.


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