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Three Reasons Why Your Resume May Be Unnoticed By Potential Employers

Spending time crafting a resume and using it to apply for jobs only to get no response can be extremely frustrating.

According to Harvard Business Review, a recruiter takes only about seven seconds to decide if you are a good fit for a job based on your resume, so you have very little time to make a great impression. It’s clear how important it is to figure out how to make your resume stand out to a potential employer. Here are some reasons why your resume may not be getting enough attention.

Not including enough relatable experience.

Basically, you write a resume to tell the story about yourself and your experience. At the same time, it needs to tell an employer why you’re right for their open position. So, start with a hook. One way to do this is by including a summary near the top that explains what you offer and highlights your strengths in a way that captures the audience. This paragraph should lean toward the future and what you have to offer rather than looking back as the remainder of the resume will do.

Your formatting needs work.

There’s a good chance your resume will be reviewed by an Applicant Tracking System which is an employer’s system of using AI to sort through resumes. For this reason, it’s best to have a clean and simple layout which includes avoiding tables and graphics. Also consider using standard headings for your sections like, “Education” or “Experience.” Paying attention to the keywords for your industry is important too, being careful at the same time not to use so many that your resume is flagged for what’s called “keyword stuffing.”

You’re using generic language.

Using language that isn’t specific and action-oriented can raise eyebrows about your actual skill level. If you use general words like “creative” and “passionate,” a hiring manager might think you are unoriginal and at the very least, don’t know how to communicate what you have to offer. Neither of these things will get you an interview. Instead, give specific examples of your accomplishments and tailor the words you choose to the ones the employers listed in the job description. Also, stay away from selecting words that are overused and instead try to use your personal voice instead.

Overall, the key to a great resume is to understand what makes you stand out and being able to verbalize it.

Appealing to both AI and how it will perceive you is important, but so is standing out to the humans who will be scanning your information. Pay close attention to how you word things and ask a career coach to review your resume for some professional advice. Be open to what may need work so you can get your resume noticed.


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