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The Role of LinkedIn in Today’s Job Search

Nearly everything can be done online in today’s world, and searching for a new job is no exception. Over the years, LinkedIn has taken the forefront in connecting job seekers with employers. There is almost not limit to who you can reach through this platform. If you’re currently looking for a new job, it’s an invaluable tool you need to be using. Here are some significant roles LinkedIn plays in today’s job search.

Job board.

LinkedIn has become the one-stop-shop for finding and applying for jobs. It allows you to search for jobs by keywords and location. Even when you’re not actively looking, you can set it up to receive email alerts for job openings according to your career field. It also allows you to activate an “I’m Interested” button which makes employers and recruiters aware that you are open to knowing about opportunities (and LinkedIn will hide this from your current employer).

Building your brand.

We’ve all heard about businesses trying to build their brands, but in recent years, we’ve heard more and more about individuals doing the same. Online platforms like LinkedIn are perfect for representing yourself exactly as you’d like to appear to others. You’re telling a story about who you are and who they’ll be hiring. You can build your brand through your written About section, through your profile picture, and even what articles you post and repost.


Getting (and staying) in touch with potential job leads is one of the most popular uses for LinkedIn. Using this platform is much easier than jotting someone’s name and contact information down on a piece of paper only to not remember where you filed it away. When you add people as your connections on LinkedIn, it is much easier to stay in touch with them. You can also message new contacts right away so that you have that correspondence to further remind you of this person and to stay in touch.

This is obviously just a start to the advantages of using LinkedIn in your next job search. The platform also helps you do things like keeping up on your industry’s news, researching what a company is all about, and seeing if anyone you know might already work for your dream company. Help hiring managers locate you through regularly updating your information and adding keywords recruiters might search for. Also, make sure all the rest of your information (like your experience and certifications) are up to date because you never know who might be checking out your profile.


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