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The History and Strategies of Job Interviewing

Knowing you have a job interview in the near future brings up different emotions in people. You have to say and do all the right things to impress your potential boss, or so you think. For others, they may be invigorated by the chance to talk about themselves and their accomplishments in front of a captive audience. Either way, be excited about a job interview because it’s the gateway to landing a great job.

The origin of the job interview dates back to 1921 when Thomas Edison weeded through candidates by having them fill out a written questionnaire. Likely even before this, employers screened their applicants in their own informal ways. In more recent years, companies use technology to narrow down candidates. It’s not unusual to be asked to complete a phone interview before meeting with an employer face-to-face for the first time.

Job interviews are important for the company too. They know that you are determining if their business is where you want to work and you are using the interview process to analyze them too. For that reason, they want to put their best foot forward as well. They’ll likely introduce you to their happiest employees who are good cheerleaders for the organization. The questions you ask them about their company and what it’s like to work for them is important for both of you. Organizations want to know you’re informed and curious, and you want to hear their answers to make an informed decision.

When it’s go time, make sure you are well prepared for your interview. Show the passion you have for the industry and the job you’re applying for. Be prepared to share your work experience and give practical examples of achievements. Know common interview questions you’ll likely be asked and have prepared answers ready to go. Also, practice with a friend or colleague so that you show up sounding confident and self-assured. The preparation will go a long way in being a stand out candidate.

Depending on your job market, securing a job in your field may rely on nailing your interview. The process could be long and have many elements to it. Or, it could be a simple chat over coffee. Whatever type of interview you encounter, you can never be too prepared. It’s possible to seem too rehearsed, but not too prepared. Strike the right balance, and you’ll land that new job in no time.

Passionate about your career field? Next time, we will discuss how you can show that passion during a job interview. In the meantime, if you have any job interviewing tips that you would like to share, please feel free to post in the comments section.

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