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Reworking Your Resume for a Job Search During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus epidemic has created a surge in the number of job seekers. Unfortunately, people lost their jobs due to downsizing or company closures when the coronavirus pandemic swept the world. When things start to calm down, there’ll be many people looking for new positions. If that includes you, there are a few things you can do to update your resume in preparation for a job search.

Show you can manage working from home. Let’s face it, many industries are likely to look for ways for their employees to work from home, even after the coronavirus crisis fades. Working from home isn’t a good fit for everyone. A certain amount of discipline is necessary to achieve daily goals. If you have successfully worked from home during the pandemic, show this on your resume and back it up with measurable achievements, such as how many calls or meetings you conducted per day.

Transfer your skills. The job field you were once in may not be hiring after the pandemic is over. If you are in one of those fields that is toughest hit, think about how your skills can be used in other job positions. For example, if you worked in retail and your store has downsized or closed, rework your duties to fit another field. You could say describe how your experience working with customers could easily transfer to any kind of customer service position, such as one that is done remotely.

Have more than one version of your resume. If you have some downtime and are preparing to get back to work, take this time to make up several different versions of your resume. Gear some toward the field you are currently in and others toward fields you are open to working in. Focus some versions on your job duties and others on your skills. Then, when you apply for a job, you’ll have a resume ready to go to match the position and get yourself in front of the hiring manager faster that other applicants.

The coronavirus pandemic has created a frightening job future for many people. However, if you are strategic about how you use this time, you could come out on top or in an even more desirable position on the other end. Most importantly, think about how your skills serve several different industries and approach applying for jobs from this place. Work on your online presence and have everything ready to go when the job market opens up.

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