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Overcoming Your Job Search Fears by Changing Your Mindset

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

There you are—sitting at your current job and unhappy either with your job duties or your work environment. Or, you find yourself in between unsatisfying jobs. The job market is a little crazy in a post-COVID world. Many employees want to now work from home and employers are not either willing or prepared to do that forever. One thing remains the same, and that is the fear some people have around the process of searching for a job. Here are some common things people tend to fear when in the process.

Fear of the unknown. There are a lot of people who just have a general fear of what could happen next in life. A considerable amount of people are either waiting for something bad to happen or for the other shoe to drop. However, if you’re going to make a job change, you have to face the unknown because between sending out resumes, networking, and interviewing, it’s impossible to predict everything you might encounter. If you have a fixed or growth mindset, it will make a difference. Someone with a fixed mindset is less likely to think they can affect an outcome, while someone with a growth mindset believes they can adapt and change to what comes at them. So, your mindset can help you overcome fear, and luckily, your mindset is something you can change.

Fear of rejection. One of the most difficult things that can happen in a job search is having your heart set on a position and never hearing back from a potential employer. Set your mind to accept that rejection is going to be a norm when applying for jobs. In fact, sometimes an interviewer will let you know why you didn’t get a job, and even though it’s tough to hear, that’s just about the most helpful information you can receive. When you know what you need to work on, it gives you back a sense of power that rejection takes from you.

Fear of the interview. It’s very common to be extremely nervous before the interview process. At its core, it’s meant to judge who you are in a short period of time which is nerve-wracking by nature. The good news is there are many ways to prepare yourself to take to lessen the anxiety. One way to do that is doing a lot of preparation such as researching the company you’re interviewing for. Another way to relieve anxiety is doing a mock interview with a friend or colleague. Finally, make a list of your qualifications before the interview. Don’t just focus on your technical skills but include soft skills too like the fact that you’re a team player or you always get along great with your co-workers.

Fear of making the wrong choice. In the last few years, there have been a lot of fluctuations in the job market. In fact, a number of people left their jobs in what was called “the great resignation.” Well, that has turned into “the great regret,” because some of these job shifters now wish they hadn’t quit their old jobs. They found their new employers didn’t necessarily live up to expectations in terms of diversity, being able to work remotely, etc. The job interview is a time for you to ask questions of your potential employer too. Make sure you use this opportunity to find out if the company and position is the right fit for you, not just the other way around. This will help cut down on the fear of making the wrong choice.

Looking for a job is a microcosm of your whole life. It will bring out your attitudes about yourself and how you see your future. Talking to a career counselor can really help overcome some of your core beliefs and make finding a job easier. Think about which of these fears most affect you and share what you find with the career counselor to help overcome them and have a better interview next time.

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