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New to Artificial Intelligence? How You Can Use AI to Help You Find Your Next Job

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

For some, thinking about Artificial Intelligence getting involved in our lives is troublesome. When it comes to looking for a job though, think again. AI is more than a dry database full of complex code. As the job searcher, you can actually use it to your advantage. Here are a few ways you can start to think of this technology as something that works for you instead of behind your back.

Eliminate bad options. Think about a dating app. Would you want to be matched up with a bunch of people who really have nothing in common with your values and goals? Now compare that to finding a job. How is it different? This is where AI’s filters make the “matchmaking” process more refined. The better job boards out there use AI to find better-suited candidates instead of casting such a wide net.

More detailed background information. More to this point, companies are using AI to gather information about you beyond your work history and education. Ultimately, they can record multiple data points about you even as you interact with their site. So aside from the extra information they are gathering through answering additional questions or completing activities, they can also learn more about you by analyzing your mouse clicks and reaction speeds. Seems tedious, but what it’s doing is forming a picture of who you are and what makes you tick. All of these things lead to better matches.

You have more control. Believe it or not, AI can actually give you more control over your job search. So, rather than just doing a simple job board search for open positions near your location that include one or two search words, you can now control narrowing your search (and putting more time back in your life) by being aware of what AI is looking for. It is all the more important to keep your resume up to date and be diligent about your data stewardship.

Believe it or not, according to, “Applying AI in job search the right way injects a much-needed dose of humanity into the process.” What it does is actually make you less likely to experience the same level of rejection you may receive from the typical job search process which is more a shot in the dark. And maybe even more significantly, it gives you a better chance at securing a job with a company whose culture and climate is in line with your personality, thereby not wasting your time. If you’re out looking for a new job, start to consider how you can use AI to your advantage in your search.

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