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My Hire Date Has Been Pushed Back, Now What?

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Recently, there’s been a lot of reporting about the state of the job market. While some CEOs are insisting that the employment outlook is fine, other companies are preparing for layoffs. Amazon announced last week that they are implementing cost cutting measures such as delaying the start date of recently hired graduates by six months. While it’s a scary and uncertain time for many industries, there are things you can do right now to prepare.

The truth is job growth in 2023 is likely to slow down. There will be employment opportunities, but there will also be more competition for those jobs. Now is the time to strategize and think ahead. With this in mind, here are a few things you can do while you’re waiting for that job to eventually start.

Show your versatility. Don’t just be married to one position or one way of doing things. When you do land an interview, be sure to show you’re open to suggestions, like to try new tasks, and are even flexible on a start date. Be willing to start at a company in lower-level positions and work your way up. Also, be prepared during the job interview to ask a lot of questions. Hiring managers love questions that show your interest in growing with company. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, such as, “Will there be opportunities for me to learn new skills and experience different roles in your company?”

Consider what it takes to stick with a single company. It’s safe to say that long-term employees who have a track record are usually protected from getting laid-off. I’ve worked at companies where employees started as entry-level employees and progressed to become senior management. But if you are just starting your career, how can you show that you have what it takes? Focus on your discipline. Look for ways outside of the work environment that show your dedication. One thing you can do is take classes related to your field. That might mean certifications that are hard to get or take a lot of work. By doing this, you are sending the message that you are serious about your career!

Make yourself stand out. This is where you can emphasize your soft skills such as showing your leadership skills, being a team player, or taking the initiative to find ways to better improve processes. Think about things that your employers say they want from an employee, but no one wants to do. That could mean stepping up to do the tasks that are considered grunt work but have to get done. Show your interest and willingness to do things of this nature.

While some industries may be struggling, and others thriving, one thing is for certain - the job market will not be as predictable as it was in 2022. But be confident, things will turn around. And don’t procrastinate. Use this time to work on yourself and be ready when the right opportunity comes around!

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