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How to Show Examples of Your Qualifications on a Resume

A resume is still a key piece of documentation needed to land a new job. Whether it’s in a digital or printed form, it’s an important way we tell potential employers about ourselves and our achievements. One thing we want to tell future employers about is our qualifications for doing their job. There are certain ways to show real examples of your qualifications on a resume.

Match them to the job opening. An important step to take when getting your resume ready for a new job application is to tailor it directly to the job description. Try to find examples from your past jobs that match qualifications they are looking for and include those within your descriptions. You don’t have to rewrite your whole resume every time you apply for a new job, just add or change bullet points under your past positions to match the new information. The potential employer will know that you took time to tailor your resume for them, and as a result, you will stand out.

Use action verbs and quantifiable numbers. When you list your accomplishments under each of your past jobs, start your sentences with an action verb. Use past tense if it’s a previous job and present tense if it’s a current job. Also use quantifiable data anywhere possible. For example, you could say, “Trained 10 new employees each summer on how to maneuver four different applications used to schedule a student activities.”

Use keywords for your industry. When you are applying for a specific industry, there are likely keywords that are used frequently when talking to others within your field. Think about what these words are and try to distribute them throughout your resume. For example, this would be helpful in the computer technology industry. You could use the words program, code, assemble and troubleshoot throughout your resume if you’re in this industry. The same practice applies to other fields as well.

The resume is a means where you logically describe your talents and skills. Don’t miss this opportunity to impress a potential employer in a unique way. Use the description of your qualifications as a way to show them that you read their job description and you want that specific job. Anything you can do to let them know you tailored your information to suit them will help you stand out and earn the interview.

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