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How to Research a New Career Before Making a Change

If you’re unhappy in your current job, or you find yourself with no choice but to look for a new career, there are some steps you can take for researching the switch. You can take simple steps like find a mentor or take some courses in your field. You can also check out the following action plans for research. Every bit of information you gather can help you make decisions about your future.

Look at what employees are saying online. One of the best ways to look into a new career field is to see what other people are saying about working in it. You may fantasize about working with animals and envision being a vet tech but not realize how hard it will be to put down someone’s beloved pet on a regular basis. All jobs have tough aspects to them, and sometimes hearing firsthand accounts is the only way to know if a career field is for you. You can also learn about specific companies this way in their reviews. You’ll learn about company cultures and if the organization aligns with your values.

Do a deep dive into the stats. What do the people make annually in your field of interest? What are the rates of promotion? What’s the highest job you can attain and what degrees to do you need to get started? Researching basic facts like these are still important when making the decision about a new career field. You don’t want to make a full change to a new job and then learn it’s almost impossible to make over a certain salary or you need an advanced degree to ever get promoted. These are things you should know before making a major decision.

Check out a professional organization. It’s simple to join organizations nowadays. You can easily become part of a Facebook group or virtual networking club without even leaving your home. But, consider joining a local in-person group as well. Sometimes, nothing can replace the face-to-face interaction you’ll get from these kinds of groups and meetings. If you join a group related to your new desired career, these people who already work in the field can give you insights no one else can.

A volatile economic climate makes for an interesting time to change careers. You may even be forced out a field that has become obsolete. There are many steps you can take to educate yourself about new career fields. The important thing is to start gathering the knowledge now so you are ready to pounce on that dream job when it becomes available.

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