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How to Prove to Your Employer You’re Ready to Be Promoted

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

It’s human nature to want to grow and improve ourselves, and It’s common to want the same in our careers. To grow in many companies, that means moving up the ladder and getting promoted. Generally, you need to be proactive if you’re looking at a promotion. Prove to your employer you’re ready for the extra responsibility by doing the following:

Be a problem solver. Every workplace has issues they need to solve. If you want to prove that you’re ready to be promoted, look for these problems and come up with viable solutions. When you do this, you demonstrate that you’re not only interested in your own position within the company but the organization’s success as well. This is the type of worker management likes to promote because they’ll have the bottom line of the business in mind and not just their own success. Besides, managers also like to see you think critically.

Stand out among your co-workers. If you want to make an impression on your employer that leads to a promotion, look for ways to stand out. Arrive early to work and stay late. If you work from home, always be the first one on the videoconference call and be alert and participatory at all meetings. Also, look the part of a professional. This gets more difficult in work-from-home situations, but get dressed every day like you’re going to an office for those times you are on camera. Look for simple ways to go the extra mile and be a frontrunner.

Make a plan. It also shows you care about your organization and personal development when you ask to make a professional development plan with your employer. This might look like working with them to come up with strategies for increasing your responsibilities in ways that support your overall long-term goals. For example, if you’d eventually like to manage a team of people, perhaps you start taking on tasks a manager would do like setting everyone’s schedules and leading meetings. By working with your boss in this way, they’ll see you’re proactive in advancing in your career.

Promotions usually don’t happen overnight. They need a strategy and patience. If you’re looking at getting that promotion, prepare yourself for at least a year to 18 months of proving yourself. When you solve problems in your office, try to stand out, and make it clear to your employer you’re for advancing your career path, you’re on your way. Do these things so that you can’t be overlooked for that promotion when the time is right.

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