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How to Prepare When You Have a Hybrid Work Job Interview

Updated: Apr 23

Hybrid working is when an employee works some of the time in an office and some from home.

This setup has benefits for employees and employers alike. Of course, employees love it because they don’t have to leave the comfort of home to work and therefore allows for better work-life balance. Employees love it because it cuts down on office costs and allows for happier employees. If you’re interviewing for one of these positions, here are a few tips on how to get ready.

Prepare to talk about your experience.

Have you already worked in situations where you could do your job from home? If you get this question right off the bat, it’s more than an icebreaker. An employer is looking for how comfortable you are with this kind of setup. If you have worked in a hybrid situation, talk about some strategies you’ve used to work in and out of the office. If you don’t have experience, explain how enthusiastic and willing you are to adapt and learn.

Prepare to show you are organized and excel at time management.

It’s no surprise an employer wants to know how well you work independently when you have a hybrid position. At least some of your work week will be without supervision as you work from home, so a company will likely ask you questions about how you go about juggling and prioritizing your tasks. One way to explain this is to talk about the ways you structure your typical workday. Give them concrete examples like how you check your task list first, then your email and calendar before you move into your first meetings.

Prepare to demonstrate you know how to use the latest tools and software.

Employers who hire you to work in a hybrid position want to see that you can utilize any relevant software and apps that will foster communication and productivity. But rather than simply listing the platforms you know, show how you played a role in increasing your team’s achievements by optimizing the processes already in place. See what information you can find out about what tools and software this company uses before the meeting by asking the recruiter or scheduler or doing a search online.

Interviews are always helpful in making sure your goals and values align with a company.

Remember that an interview is a two-way street. Have some questions ready about their hybrid culture and policies too. This is the best way to make sure you’ll have a good fit and that you are able to meet their expectation of a hybrid position.


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