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Why You Should Update Your Resume Now

Everyone is busy, so it makes sense why people only think about updating their resumes when they are starting to look for a new job. While it’s tempting to let this important document sit until you’re ready to use it, it’s better to look at your resume as a document you consistently interact with. If you regularly update your resume, you’ll always be ahead of the game in your job search. Here are reasons to always be updating your resume (in other words, start now).

It gives you a boost of confidence.

When you’re consumed by day-to-day life, it can be easy to forget what you’ve accomplished. However, by updating your resume on a regular basis, it forces you to review your achievements and notice how far you’ve come. If you only update your resume when you’re looking for a job, you might forget to include things. And, looking over everything you’ve been able to achieve puts you in a better mind space overall.

You learn more about your career path.

Going through the exercise of reviewing your professional life gives you a better vision of your career path. This is helpful because it allows you to plan the next stages of your career and what moves you should make next. Analyzing your career moves in this way shows you patterns in your decision making and helps you identify strengths and weaknesses. It also shows you where you could use more training.

You’re ready to go the second you find a great opportunity.

You never know when time might be of the essence when looking for a job. Perhaps you’ve met someone who can lead to an unposted job. If you can immediately send your resume to this person, you never know if it might lead to a job offer. Being ready like this also shows your initiative and that you’re organized and on top of things. In addition, it’s an easy way you can show your enthusiasm about your career and your field.

It saves you time.

We’ve all been there. You run across a job posting or otherwise hear about an open position and want to submit your resume right away. You moan because you haven’t updated it for three years and you know the effort that will take. You’ve changed jobs and added a bunch of training classes. And, before you left your last job, you switched positions. It’s going to take quite a bit of time to think everything through and get it on paper. If you updated your resume now (and along the way), you’ll save yourself this time and be ready to apply for a job on the spot.


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