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How to Prepare for Your Job Search During Winter Break

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

We all look forward to our holiday breaks. They are a great time to relax and spend time

with friends and family. While that’s important, you’ll have the edge over your fellow

applicants if you do some job search preparation while you’re enjoying your break. It’s not

as hard or time-consuming as you think because some of these can be done while you’re

just out and about.

Meet new people. The holidays are an ideal time to subtly network. You’ll likely be attending

a party or two, along with getting together with generations of family. You don’t have to let it

rule your time, but always have your job search in the back of your mind. When you see that

uncle only once a year, ask him how his job is going and if he knows of anyone in your field

of interest you could talk to about any openings. The world is much more connected

nowadays, and you never know where these conversations might lead.

Talk to people about your career goals. While you’re at it, have pointed conversations at

events, church, or even waiting in line to buy presents. During small talk, bring up what

you’re hoping to do for a career and see what happens. People you’ve never met before

might give you ideas about your field that you’ve never considered. This real-life practical

insight can be way more valuable than anything you research online.

Sharpen your resume. After all of these conversations, go back and look over your resume.

Is it geared toward the specific kinds of positions you’d like to pursue based on the

conversations you’ve had over winter break? For example, discussions may have led to you

now thinking you’d like to focus more on sales for a tech company rather than working on

the IT side. If so, look for examples from your experience where you can show how you’ve

sold to people in the past. Add these related accomplishments to your resume.

When you’re looking for a job, it can feel like a full-time job in itself. The truth is, you’re

always networking in some way when you’re talking to someone new. This time, just be

more direct with yourself about your intentions. If you do this, you’ll come out ahead of your

counterparts as you leave the holidays and head back into the real world for 2023. Good


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