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How to Get a Promotion at Your Job

Many of us are familiar with the nerve-wracking process of trying to ask for a promotion. And many of us are so nervous about the process that we never even pursue a promotion. But, if you feel like you really deserve it, you owe it to yourself to go for it. Before you do, it’s important to be prepared. Likely nothing will blow your chance more than not having a good case for your boss about why you deserve that promotion.

Learn from others who’ve gotten promoted. One piece of information you can easily gain is through observation within your own company. Who has gotten a promotion recently? What kinds of qualities do these people have? What activities do you see them involved in? If you see consistencies, then these are likely the qualities your supervisors are looking for and will most likely lead to promotions. Once you discover what they are, look for ways to also implement these qualities into your current work ethic.

Be open to your boss’s input. A lot of employees have to go through performance reviews. While this process is tedious and sometimes annoying for the employee, look at it as a positive event because you are gaining a great deal of information through this procedure. Your boss is likely going to hand you a list of things you do well and don’t do so well. This gives you a perfect opportunity to work on your weaknesses and then present that progress as a reason to be promoted to a new position.

Stand out among the crowd. Your supervisor likely has a stressful life just like many of us. For that reason, you may be just blending in with the crowd during another stressful day at work with the many things your boss has to do. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to stand out at work. One of them is to speak up during meetings. Give your opinions on matters around the office. Also, volunteer to do things that others are hesitant to do and consistently check in with your boss about your current projects. Finally, pay attention to what you wear. It won’t get you the promotion on its own, but dressing well will help you make a good impression.

If you want to move ahead in your career with your current company, it’s likely going to take several steps to get there. It is possible that just walking into your boss’s office and asking for it could get you the promotion you desire, but likely it will take more planning than this. So, pay attention to the inner workings of your office and who is getting ahead. Improve where you know you need to improve and make your best effort to stand out in a positive way. When you’re ready, make the move and ask for that promotion.

What are some of the strategies that you’ve used? We’d love to hear about what worked and what didn’t work. Please share below.

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