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How to Get a Job Interview When You Lack the Required Experience

Perhaps you’re looking for your first job out of college or you’re thinking about totally switching careers.

In situations like these, you may find yourself applying for jobs without having any real relevant experience. First of all, be proud of putting yourself out there and pursuing you dreams and not letting any lack of experience stop you. It is possible to get a job even if you don’t have a lot of specific experience. Here’s how.

Show off your interpersonal skills.

Sure, there are tangible skills an employer will need from you, but they’ll also lean heavily on your soft skills like working well on a team, being able to solve problems, and being a productive listener. When you craft your resume, think about how your interpersonal skills can overcome any lack of experience you bring to the table. For example, if you’re applying to a company that is fast-paced and just starting up where everyone is expected to wear different hats, find spots on your resume where you can describe how well you adapt to change and that you have a flexible personality.

Determine what skills you have are transferable.

Anytime you don’t have the direct experience an employer is looking for, you have to take what you can do and apply it to the new job duties. Transferring a skills means bringing skills from the experience in your past and using it somewhere else. For example, perhaps you are a community leader and have organized several fundraisers and been the head of a local board. If the new job you’re applying for requires leadership experiences but you’ve never been a manager, you can easily apply this community background as related experience.

Take classes and volunteer.

On that same note, this is why it’s important to volunteer in your community as the experience you’ll gain is often times easily applicable to a professional position. Also research what courses you can take to give you additional education that translates into experience. Going this route is faster than pursuing a degree (or additional degrees) and still looks good on your resume. It shows initiative and that you’re interested in learning more about your field to make you a better employee.

One other thing you can do to impress an employer is telling a great story about yourself.

You can do this by looking at how your resume flows from one section to the other. You can also use your cover letter to convey something memorable about who you are, where you’re coming from, and where you’re heading. It’s not always easy to stand out, but you can actually use your lack of experience and turn it into something that draws attention to what other benefits you can bring to the new position.


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