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How to Gain an Interview from a Network Connection

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Did you ever have a meeting go so well that it lead to unexpected results? If you play your cards right, the next networking event you attend might just lead to an interview for your dream job. Networking nowadays is done face-to-face or virtually, but the end result is the same. If you’d like to try to score an interview from your next networking connection, here a few things you can do.

Make yourself stand out. If you’re at an event with a lot of attendees, the best thing you can do to score an interview is to stand out among the crowd. Simple ways to do this is wear a brightly colored top or tie, but that’s just the surface stuff. To really stand out, get involved in opportunities or organizations with a message behind them. You want to appear ambitious and unique when compared to other people that attendee speaks to.

Follow up with recruiters. When you meet recruiters at a networking event, get their contact information so you can stay in touch with them. Even if the company they’re hiring for doesn’t have an immediate opening, checking in with this person from time to time could eventually land you an interview. Show persistence. Make sure that recruiter doesn’t forget about you (in a good way) and consistently check in with a friendly word.

Be organized. When you show up to the event, organize what you bring so you’re ready to go. Nothing is worse than arriving at an in-person event and realizing you didn’t bring enough business cards or some other marketing material to go around. Print paper copies of your resume and have a notepad and pen on you for any information you need to jot down. Networking events tend to move quickly, so you’ll make an impression if you’re on top of your game. After the event, organize the business cards of attendees you want to follow up with.

You never know when you may be meeting a manager or leader in charge of hiring at a networking event. It’s highly possible if you do, your interaction at such an event could be stage one of the interview process for you. Be on your toes and ready if the opportunity to turn this casual meeting into a real job presents itself. Your next interview could be right around the corner and literally come from anyone when you attend this kind of event.

How to Get Hired at a Networking Event
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