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How the Coronavirus will Change the Future of the Workplace

No doubt about it, the coronavirus has everyone’s lives in an upheaval. Seemingly coming out of nowhere to most, this unseen enemy is changing how a lot of things work in the world, including how we work. Much of the workplace came to a screeching halt as it became clear that to protect ourselves, we had to go into isolation. However, what long term impact will this period have on the way we work? Here are a few areas that could be affected as the impact of COVID-19 plays out.

Working from home will be more accepted. The concept of working remotely certainly isn’t a new one. People have been working from home in one capacity or another for several decades. But even if employees could technically and easily work from home, the model worked in a way that employees needed to ask permission to do so. It was also sometimes added as a perk for some jobs and not a given. After COVID-19, it may be more accepted as a norm.

Less dependent on certain countries. Currently, many countries rely on China for their manufacturing. As it becomes clear how deeply China is affected by the coronavirus, countries are looking at other options to produce their goods. The downfall of being reliant on one country for most of your production of goods is clear during a time like this. Needing to look to possibly more expensive options for manufacturing could also have an impact on prices.

Missed partnerships. Countless events have been cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus. Among these events have been tech conferences. Missed conferences also means missed opportunities for partnerships. Organizations like the Mobile World Congress as well as Facebook and Google all cancelled major events they had planned. PredictHQ cited by Recode estimates that over $1 billion has been lost economically through the cancellation of events like these.

Undoubtedly, we’ll all feel the impact of COVID-19 for many years to come. For now, as we wait out the flattening of the curve to protect as many lives as possible, many companies are focusing on staying afloat for as long as possible. Fortunately, some government help will be available. Until we see how it all plays out, expect to see at least the three changes listed above to our work place landscape.

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