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How Companies Use Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting

Recruiting is the practice of finding the right candidates for open positions.

According to Forbes, the success of recruiting is judged mostly by the “time to hire and quality of hire.” Like many industries, recruiters are under the gun to deliver better and better results at a lower cost. Those looking for good candidates are continuing to turn to AI to create a better process for talent acquisition.

Reducing overall hire time.

While there’s a human aspect to hiring that AI cannot yet do, it can free up a recruiter’s valuable time by helping with mundane and repetitive tasks. Most employers receive more resumes for an open position than they could possibly read from top to bottom, so AI can scan them for keywords. AI can also manage the scheduling of interviews and entering data into HR management systems. This allows professionals more time to engage with possible candidates and build the relationships necessary to hire a good employee.

Starting from within.

One of the best ways for a company to save time and money when hiring a candidate for a position is to find that person currently working for their company. reports that IBM has an AI-driven process that promotes internal mobility. It identifies internal candidates with the required talent by using data, NLP, and pattern recognition to “gather information about the company’s employees and their roles.” IBM’s AI software uses this information to match current employee skills with those available opportunities within the company, and HR uses this list to pursue potential candidates.

Easily checking backgrounds and references.

Background and reference checking are two of the more tedious and time-consuming parts of recruiting. For checking backgrounds, using AI allows for fewer biases and more privacy during this process. The same is true for verifying references. Anyone who’s checked a candidate’s references before knows how difficult it can be to get a response either by email or phone. When this process is automated by AI, it assists recruiters in gathering as much information as they can at one time and reduces having to chase down information. 

AI automation continues to increase and is becoming more mainstream.

Those in charge of creating its technology are sure to find more ways to improve its efficiency. Not only will AI afford recruiters faster and easier hiring practices, but it will also make the process fairer as a result. However, we’ll never lose the human touch of hiring as there are some parts of recruiting that can’t be left up to a machine and require the eye and discernment of a professional. 


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