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Four Ways To Research A Potential Employer

Use popular websites. The internet comes in handy when researching a company. There are sites, such as, where you can click on a company’s name and check out feedback from other users. Here you can find practical information like opinions about the organization’s culture and actual salaries of their employees. also provides similar information. There are other websites like, which provide even more in-depth information about various types of companies.

Meeting your potential new employer for the first time can be a stressful experience. One way to prepare for your interview is to know all about the company you wish to work for. Look for just the right moments to mention tidbits you’ve found out during your research. It may just make the difference between landing the job or not.

Check out the company’s leadership. It may be helpful in your interview to know who are the leaders of your desired company. Read about their backgrounds and see what you have in common. Sometimes you’ll find out how the company was formed by the president’s biography. You can also gather information about the diversity of their staff. All of this information will not only give you things to talk about during the interview, but it also helps you gather data to formulate questions to ask of your potential employer.

Find out about the company’s goals. Search the internet for the ultimate endeavors of your company. This could mean finding in a Google search the charities they work with or even an overall altruistic goal of the organization. For example, you may simply know you’re interviewing for a bio-tech company, and when you research, you find out that they are involved in helping burn victims grow new layers of skin. As you dig further, you may find that the owner’s sister was injured in a fire as a child. All of these stories help you understand the company and set up great conversations during your interview.

Google for red flags. In that same internet search, look out for anything that may give you pause about working for this company. If a CEO was recently fired, there may be discord within the company. You may also come across articles about financial stress within the company. Look for key headlines that let you know if there are any negatives you need to be aware of before you step into an interview.

Did you find some strategies that fit for you? How are you implementing them?

Let us know in the comments.

Until next time, happy job search!

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