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Finding a Job in Telecom and Digitalization

Our current job forecast has a considerable amount of opportunities available for those in telecom and digitalization. Telecom is short for telecommunications and includes services that handle phone, television, radio and Internet communication. Digitalization include those jobs that incorporate digital technology and can involve areas like 5G, smart homes and cities, e-learning, artificial intelligence and digital currency. If you’re interested in any of these hot fields, here are a few ways to look for available jobs.

Show your skills on your resume. Telecom and digitalization are two areas where employers are likely looking for some practical application of skills. For example, more entry level jobs like installers and repair workers need relevant hands-on experience to jump right into a position. The same is true for having the technical qualifications to work in the background building smart cities or artificial intelligence. Explain your practical experience in these areas and give specific examples of quantifiable results from your efforts as explains, “With rapid technological changes in telecommunications, those with up-to-date technical skills will have the best job opportunities.”

Be ready to give relevant examples during interviews. Some skills of digitalization are actually required for many different types of jobs. Even careers like nurses, office administrators and attorneys require a level of technological skill to do their jobs. In fact, a report by showed that in 2002, just over 50 percent of required low digital skills. Jump forward to 2016, and almost a quarter of jobs required high digital skills, where only 5 percent needed that extensive skill set in 2002. For this reason, be ready to tell stories of how you have adapted and continue to grow in your knowledge of our digital world.

Think about moving. As we become more technologically advanced, some jobs are turning into those that can be successfully worked from home. However, there are jobs that still remain positioned in larger cities and metropolitan areas where the significant numbers of businesses and industrial companies are located. When you’re job searching, make sure your potential employer knows of your willingness to relocate for the right position. Some people are not going to want to or can’t be that flexible about their location, so you will jump ahead of your competition with this willingness.

The projection for increased jobs in both telecom and digitalization looks good for the next several years. Generally, the expected income is also solid for both industries. While some job growth will go down due to automation, we’ll also see job openings increase due to the number of baby boomers retiring and the constant need for more skilled workers. If you’re thinking about a job in either field, it’s likely a solid one to consider.

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