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Asking for a Promotion: When and How Often?

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Many employees set goals for themselves to climb the ladder at work. If you’re not automatically given more responsibility and a title change, it is usually up to you to ask for that promotion. It can be difficult to know when and how often to broach this subject with your boss. Here are a few guidelines to consider when timing a request for a promotion.

When you have enough experience. quotes Tim Toherhi, Plotline Leadership founder, as saying, “Getting promoted too quickly in your career may prevent you from gaining deep breadth and depth of experience necessary to truly be effective in your promoted role.” You want to set yourself up for success in this new role, so don’t jump the gun. You may find yourself in a unique position if you work for a startup and get promoted quickly anyway. You’ll have to consider the type of company you work for and your experience level when asking for a promotion.

When the company is in a good position. In the spirit of setting yourself up for success, you also want to approach your company when they are in a financial position to advance you and pay you more money. Analyze the climate of your organization—is it generally positive? Perhaps feel out your boss by having conversations about the health of the company before you ask for a promotion. If you find yourself in a thriving industry, your timing may be good to ask for a promotion.

Consider the six-month rule. Hitting the six-month mark is a good measure for asking for a raise, according to You could apply the same metrics for asking for a promotion. Although, you may want to wait at least a full year after starting a position as well. A good time to approach the subject may be around your performance review, which is usually yearly. If you think you’re going to get a glowing review, prepare a defense ahead of time for your promotion so that you can possibly try bringing up the subject during that meeting.

If you’re stuck in a rut at your current company, sometimes the first step in getting promoted is finding a new job. This will involve taking a hard look at your resume, honing your interviewing skills, and networking, which a career counselor can help you do. Whether you decide to make a change or stay with your current company, timing and preparation could mean everything when asking for a promotion. Be strategic about when you ask to ensure the best result.

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