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Why Networking is About More than Attending Networking Events

Updated: May 23, 2023

If you don’t know how to work a room, networking can be a daunting activity. But, it doesn’t have to be. Networking involves more than signing up for a seminar that teaches you how to ask someone for a job and then move on. Networking is about building pipelines of people and forming relationships with them. Here are some things to think about if you’re focused on the networking aspect of finding a new job.

Why Networking is About More than Attending Networking Events

Starting your own networking group.

If you’re having a little trouble meeting people who can lead you to a job, think about starting your own group. Make sure you attend a few local meetings first to see how they are run. This gives you a great foundation to use for organizing your own group. Invite some local leaders in your industry to join as well. Then, use social media to gain attention to your new group.

More about social media.

The statistics for people who find their new job through social media are climbing. Simply, social media is the easiest way to build a reputation and connections with other people. However, it’s usually not one of those things you can just set up and let go. It’s important to stay active and post relevant content on a regular basis. Using LinkedIn to touch base with other people and congratulate them on their achievements is one easy and effective way to use social media.

Research who you’re networking with.

No matter if you are about to hit a networking event or have coffee with a contact you’ve been set up to meet, research everything you can about the people you’ll be talking to. Take a look at their online presence. You’ll learn a lot about them through the content they share on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Then, you’ll be set up with a lot of things you can talk about that will give you an immediate connection.

Don’t just ask for a job. Have a couple of goals in mind when you meet up with a networking partner and focus on these things. First, have some topics you can talk about that demonstrate your value. Be prepared to talk about what you added to a recent position and how you’ve solved problems. Also, while it’s important to have good conversation, don’t just do all the talking. Make sure you listen and find out how you can help the other person too. This consideration goes a long way.



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