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What to Know About the Technical Interview

So here you are facing your interview in IT or some other technical position. When you are interviewing for this type of role, you’ll likely encounter a technical type of interview. While you may still encounter basic questions or behavioral aspects to the process, this added technical angle intends to test your skills. You may be asked to create a presentation on something technical, write some code, or work on some kind of technical issue they present. Here are some ways to prepare and practice for a technical interview.

Review any materials.

There are a lot of things you can review to get ready for a technical interview. One, think back to any coursework that might help you answer questions you may encounter. Some may be specific to the type of job you’re applying for, but whatever the case, take out your notebooks or previous training materials and refresh what you’ve learned in the past. Also, make sure to thoroughly go over anything your interviewer provides you ahead of time and prepare accordingly. They may give you a heads up about the type of questions or tasks, number of people interviewing you, or how long the interview might last.

Do a mock interview with someone technical.

Practicing your answers to questions out loud is a useful way of practicing for a technical interview. It not only helps you prepare but also builds confidence. For this kind of interview, you’ll want to find a friend, colleague, or coach with a technical background because they’ll provide a unique perspective and be able to give you practical feedback. Use what you’ve learned about what to expect and practice how you’ll react in the actual interview.

Show your passion.

When a technical interview gets deep on topics like programming or coding, it allows you the opportunity to show how excited you are about these activities. And, when you show this passion, a company is more likely to think you are the best pick for the job. One other key way to show this passion? You have technical-related extracurricular activities too. Make sure to list these on your resume because hiring managers look at this kind of background when they are sorting through resumes.

However you get ready for a technical interview, prepare yourself that it may be a long process. Interviews of this nature can even take several weeks where you are called back for multiple interviews. Of course, this is a great sign they are still considering you, so hang in there and keep a positive attitude about each task they ask you to complete. And, brush up on all the more traditional questions you could encounter as part of the process as well.


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