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Three Tips for Listing Soft Skills on Your Resume

Soft skills are the less tangible attributes we have in life and at work. They may include abilities to communicate well or the talent to problem solve. They are different from hard skills like knowing a language or being able to do accounting. Employers usually want to know about both types of skills before they think about hiring you. Here are three ways to list your soft skills on a resume.

Quantify your skills. One way to talk about your soft skills is to quantify the practical results of using them. Use numbers as much as possible in your descriptions and talk about specific programs you’ve worked on. One way to word this would be, “Managed communication with 14 after school programs in our district and kept them informed on updates about our initiatives.” In this way, you are talking about your soft skill of good communication but in a quantifiable way.

Don’t use cliché skills or be vague. There are qualities that are necessary to be a successful working adult. Two examples of these would be time management and certain organizational skills. These are not the soft skills to emphasize on a resume. They could be seen as fluff to an employer and cause your resume to be passed by. Instead, focus on skills that are specific to your industry and that aren’t qualities every responsible adult should have.

Let the resume speak for itself. If you think about it, the presentation of your resume is one of the best ways to literally demonstrate your soft skills. It’s a great avenue for you to showcase how well you communicate and organize. Make sure your resume is well-developed and professionally laid out. You don’t want to demonstrate the opposite and that you aren’t able to put the elements together for a productive resume.

While soft skills are less tangible for employers to look for, they are still necessary in all job positions. They are one piece to consider when you are putting together a resume to apply for new job openings. When you think about your soft skills set, consider how well you communicate, network or think critically. Then relate each one of these back to traits that are needed in your industry. These are the ways your resume will stand out to a potential employer.

If you want to learn more about how you can incorporate soft skills in your resume, contact me at!

Should I Use Soft Skills on My Resume?

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