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The Significance of a Professional Photo and Cover Image in Your LinkedIn Profile

It might seem like something easy to overlook, but putting thought into the pictures you use for your LinkedIn profile is always a good idea. The adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” definitely holds weight when it comes to your online image. And that’s basically what LinkedIn portrays: what you are putting out into the world about how you want people to see you. Here are a few other reasons why the images you use on your profile are so important.

It increases your credibility.

Let’s face it, when you don’t have an image with your LinkedIn profile, people don’t really know who you are. They definitely can’t picture what you might look like or how you present yourself. This is easily solved by just posting a picture. When you post one that looks professional and approachable, you are establishing a sense of trust between you and the viewer. This is critical when you are building a network of professional contacts.

It shows you pay attention.

You may have had the feeling when you see an online profile of any kind with no pictures that the user isn’t following through and likely doesn’t really care. Simply putting a photo online at least shows you are putting effort into your profile and that you are paying attention to these details. According to LinkedIn itself, “It shows you’re willing to put in the effort to present yourself in the best positive light.” All of this sends a subtle message to your contacts and potential employers that you actually care about how you show up.

You’re building your brand.

Our online presence is a lot about building a brand for ourselves. Once attributed to businesses, today everyone can have a brand, which is basically how we want people to see us in the world. The visual image of our LinkedIn photo is one important way to relay to other people who we are. In your professional photo, do you want to portray seriousness? Humor? Style and fashion? There are a number of ways you can show people who you are by the images you choose to showcase your brand.

So again, don’t sleep on having an image on your LinkedIn profile. It will likely be the first thing visitors to your page look for, and it’s likely to make a real impact on how other people perceive you. Think about how you want to come across and work on taking a solid photo with a friend or professional photographer. This simple photo may be the difference between you landing a job or not through your LinkedIn profile.


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