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Key Effective Parts of a Job Search Plan

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Planning a job search is necessary to end up securing a position that could change your professional life. While you need several steps for a successful job search, many people tend to focus on just a few aspects and not even consider the others. Much of today’s job searching is proactive in nature. Here are a few key components to consider during your job search.

Look for unadvertised openings. Once a job is advertised to the public, the competition increases to the point you may not get a call back no matter how qualified you are. So, looking for jobs where employers are considering internal hires or referrals is important. You can do this by making a list of companies that interest you, targeting the hiring managers of these companies, and connecting with people in your community. It takes a little more effort to use this approach, but is well worth your time.

Network whenever possible. Attending networking events is also a good way to find out about unadvertised jobs. But really, networking is done anytime anywhere. You’re networking when you tell a neighbor or friend you’re looking for a new job or when you talk to others at social outings of any kind. Remember to bring something to the table when you network too. If you can help give the other person leads on companies or positions for them as well, this helps you be more successful.

Tailor your resume. A resume is still important for a job search plan, but just updating it isn’t enough. Today’s employers are looking for a tailored resume that targets the position you’re looking for. Change up the accomplishments and related numbers to quantify your achievements according to the job responsibilities. Experts encourage you to include a heading of some kind that focuses on some of your related achievements, rather than keeping them only to your work history.

The next time you sit down and start focusing on getting a new job, spend some time thinking about these suggested steps rather than endlessly searching for job openings. The time you spend proactively pursuing input from others and then focusing on the positions you learn about could be a better use of your time. If you get stuck, that might be a good time to book an appointment with a career counselor. These professionals are trained to discover what part of your job search plan needs some work.

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