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Is a Resume and Cover Letter Still Important Today and Should You Hire a Professional to Help?

Updated: May 26, 2023

To stay in the know, it’s important to keep up with the times, and the same applies to pursuing a new job. With that in mind, you may be asking yourself if it’s important to spend time putting together a resume and cover letter as part of your job search. Popular opinion reveals it’s a good idea to work on both. Let’s start with why a cover letter is a good idea.

Is a Resume and Cover Letter Still Important Today and Should You Hire a Professional to Help?

A recent article by CNBC reveals the lingering importance of cover letters. They worked with Glassdoor to discuss this issue. Representatives from Glassdoor explain that hiring managers still appreciate a cover letter because it further describes a candidate’s qualifications in a way that resumes cannot. This tells us that cover letters are still a useful tool for further illustrating your qualifications, experience, and skills.

It’s likely an employer receives more resumes and cover letters than they could ever possibly review in a thorough manner. This likely makes you question the point of spending your time writing a cover letter when it may not even be read. But, think about this in a different way. If you spend time writing a cover letter, it shows that you are putting in extra effort to land this job. There’s a chance an employer will be impressed just by this action alone, so it’s worth the additional time.

So, if cover letters and resumes remain important parts of your job search, is it a good idea to get some help writing them? That’s where a professional resume and cover letter writer comes in. You may think this service is a luxury you can’t afford but think about it another way. How important is this new job to you? Do you have the potential of making significantly more money every year as a result of landing this new job? When you break down how much financial benefit a professional will be, especially tougher job markets, it makes the small investment more than worth it if you land a better-paying job that you enjoy.

As points out as well, professional career advisors could have insider tips for applying for jobs in your industry. Consider using these professional services if you are overwhelmed by the job search process or have limited time to devote to submitting applications. These advisers can certainly cut down the stress you experience in the process. Now, take out that most recent version of your resume, find a job that interests you, and start tailoring it to match. Then, think about reaching out to a resume writer for their advice too.



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