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How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job that is Meaningful to You

Many of us have a LinkedIn account that lists our experiences and education. But, did you know it’s a powerful tool to use when looking for a job that is meaningful to you? There is a lot of information you can give and find using this platform. Here are some specific ways to use LinkedIn when you’re out job hunting and want to find a job that feels like more than just an income.

Research what a company is talking about.

Research finds if your values align with your company’s objectives, you’re more likely to find meaning in your work. You can learn a lot about a company through what they are posting online. So, use LinkedIn as a way of determining if your values resonate with the company you want to work for. What kind of nonprofits are they supporting? Do they offer incentives and programs that make the company a great place to work? What is their company culture like? What kind of articles do they post? These are just a few details you can check out when researching a hiring organization.

Message key contacts.

According to industry experts, LinkedIn may be the only place where you can directly message hiring managers. Many other resources will send you through gatekeepers—and we know how hard it can be to break through these barriers. Experts also recommend you send these key people a note on a Sunday because they are likely to review messages they prepare for their upcoming week. Try to find some common ground to talk about in your message and keep it simple at first. You’re only setting up a line of communication to sell yourself for the job later.

Be active on LinkedIn yourself.

Finally, don’t sleep on having an active LinkedIn profile yourself. If you do message a hiring manager and they see it, the first thing they’ll do is go to your profile and check you out. So, make sure your information is up to date and have an About section that makes it clear where you are at the moment. Use searchable keywords so key people can find your profile. Post some articles that speak to who you are and don’t forget to regularly check your own messages in case you do hear back from someone. You don’t want to keep them waiting.

Basically, it’s a good idea to see LinkedIn as a search engine. Research what recruiters are working in your industry. Use it to search for open positions. Also remember, people may find you in their searches which is why it’s always good to have your profile up-to-date. Use these tips and you’re bound to find a job that is meaningful to you.


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