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How to Make Your Resume Stand Out to Recruiters in 2022

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

The last few years have been challenging for employers and recruiters when looking for viable

job candidates. The pandemic, and all the resulting remote positions, have changed the

landscape of work. Employees are also quitting jobs in record numbers. Recruiters still need to

find good candidates though, and they continue to use the tried-and-true resume to determine

what an applicant brings to the table. Here are a few ways to show you are a highly qualified

job candidate through your resume.

Show you read the job description. It’s no longer good enough to just create a generic resume

to send out to multiple job listings. In today’s job search, it’s important to read the job

description and look for things you can point out on your resume. For example, if an employer

is looking for experience with a specific CRM, expand on your usage rather than just listing it as

a skill. Clarify the different aspects in the CRM you are comfortable with navigating and how

much experience you have using it.

Show you’ve made some effort creating your resume. In the past, people shied away from too

much personal information on a resume, and while that’s still true, some people are starting to

include elements like a headshot. Depending on your career field, you may be able to show

some originality on your resume. Definitely try to make it stand out among the competition.

Play with the margins and the headings and maybe even add some color. Have a peer or career

counselor give it a quick review to make sure you’re on the right track with your demonstrating

your originality.

Show what you’re good at. Bottom line, recruiters want to know you are highly qualified for the

positions they are looking to fill. According to Indeed, some of the common skills they are

looking for on your resume are adaptability, communication, organization, integrity, problem-

solving, and teamwork. Look for ways you have demonstrated these characteristics in your last

few jobs and add them as bullet points under your previous experience.

Even though a lot has changed heading into 2022, don’t get caught in the trap that your resume

doesn’t really matter in your job search. This simple tool remains useful for employers to know

basic information about you. Use it as a way to show how you’re qualified for a position and

what you bring to the table. If you put an emphasis on making your resume impressive, it helps

you land that ideal job in a unique market for 2022.



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