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How to Implement the Job Search Plan You've Created

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

It’s critical to have a plan in place when you do something as important as a job search. Securing the right job can change your life, so it’s worth taking time and effort to carefully implement the plan you put in place. Once you have done some of the preliminary work, it’s time to start taking action. Here are ways to get going as you put your job search into motion.

Begin to work on your resume. While certain elements of a resume may be dated, it will still play a key part in your job search. As you begin to implement your plan, adjusting your resume is key. Do some research on the type of resume that works best for your situation and industry—that may be

chronological, functional, or a combination of styles. Checking in with a career advisor would be a good idea to get feedback about the function of your resume and if it’s accomplishing what you want.

Begin to meet new people. Networking is vital for any part of your job search. You may even find a job solely based on checking in with the right person. Communicating with others in this way is

accomplished in many forms from virtually to in-person. Start sending emails to past professional

contacts to connect, and link up with people on social media. If you simply begin by just saying hello,

you never know what could come from it. Also, look for some official in-person networking events to


Begin to practice for when your job search works. When a company calls you for an interview, it’s now game time. Practice interviewing with some peers, and watch videos that give you some tips. This is also where a career counselor can help to give you feedback about your interview performance. While you’re at it, thoroughly research the companies that show interest in you. See if your values align and find out what other employees are saying online about the company culture and environment.

If all goes well, you’ll successfully land a job that works for you. What comes next is the onboarding

process where you can think about what kind of impression you want to make on your first day and how you can ensure your success in the new position. The first few weeks will entail being a sponge as you ask questions and learn a lot from your manager and coworkers. Thinking through the process from start to finish is the best way to get going on the right foot.

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