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How to Avoid Thinking You Don’t Need a Resume to Land Your Next Job

Updated: May 17, 2023

Due to technology, we’ve seen a lot of processes evolve in our lifetime. Most have been streamlined greatly. Think about how we store our documents. Having a filing cabinet in our homes is rare anymore because most of our documents processed digitally, so it’s no longer necessary to store certain pieces of paper. You may be thinking the same thing about writing a resume for your job search. It seems like an unnecessary piece of paper. But it’s far from that, and here’s why.

How to Avoid Thinking You Don’t Need a Resume to Land Your Next Job

You want to stand out to recruiters.

Even if you think you can directly apply for some jobs with different companies, a recruiter needs to know what you bring to the table so they can match you with a position. Recruiters scour job applicant sites like Ladders, and when they do, they look at the resume you posted. So, pulling together this document is important because it gets your information out to the masses more easily. A one-time effort creates a lot of coverage.

You want to make a good first impression.

Recruiters and hiring managers may have to review thousands of applicants’ information for their open positions. It’s obvious in this kind of scenario that you have to stand out—there really is no other choice. It’s critical that you make a great first impression. As GFCGlobal describes it, “A well-written (resume) could be your ticket into an interview.” It also propels the interview process by helping you prepare answers to anticipated questions and it may even be used by your interview to guide the flow of questions you’ll receive.

You want to show why you’re the best fit.

When you put significant effort into your resume and using it as a tool to your advantage, you can match your skills to the job responsibilities from the posting. For example, if the job description calls for a background using a specific kind of coding software, make sure to list that specific software on your resume. If your resume is searched by artificial intelligence, it’ll float to the top the more keywords you use. Make it simple for an employer to find you this way.

Again, it’s easy to get mixed up in the feelings that a resume is antiquated, takes a lot of time to prepare, and quite frankly is just something you don’t want to do. However, you have to think about this a different way.

Think about your resume as a tool—as something that represents who you are to a stranger. Then, start writing yours from this frame of mind.



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