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Examples of Job Boards and How to Use Them

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Job boards are the modern day “want ads” we used to only see in newspapers. For many job seekers,

job boards are their first go-to when trying to find a new position. They are very useful when searching for positions in specific industries and locations. It’s important to narrow down what you’re looking for as much as possible because job boards can produce many search results. Here are a few examples of popular boards and how to use them.

Indeed. This job board is one of the most used when looking for a job. One reason it’s so popular is it

lists so many opportunities, including jobs that can are remote. The entries are clearly marked when a

candidate can work from home. There is also an app that allows candidates to easily apply for jobs from their phones. One way to use this app is for its salary information and employer reviews of the

companies listing openings.

LinkedIn. Most people know of LinkedIn as a useful networking tool, but it’s also a place to find job

openings. To use this feature, click on the Jobs tab and type in keywords or job titles you are looking for. The site allows you to filter the results by various factors such as when the job was posted or experience level needed. The search’s connection to LinkedIn also allows you to see which companies with active postings have contacts in your LinkedIn network.

CareerBuilder. This site is another board that lists jobs from around the world, and it’s been active for

over 20 years. Over 25 million job hunters use this site each month. It allows the typical search

parameters such as city, state, job title, skills, etc. You can also further narrow your search by things like salary, full-time or part-time, and how recently the job was posted. You can also receive job alerts

through CareerBuilder which allows you to know the minute a new job posts with your search


Searching for a job can be so overwhelming, the best way to use a job board is to let it work for you.

That’s where features like job alerts come in handy. You can also post your resume on most job boards so interested parties can also find you. They also just generally help streamline the search process from applicant to employer. Research a few you feel would work best for you and then use all of their features to get the most out of them and help you find that new job.


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