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Building a Foundation for Your Job Search

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Just like when building a house, a solid foundation is the key to less trouble down the line. The same is true for your job search. When you think about the steps it takes to get a new job, there are more than enough to consider. But a few steps are foundational to getting off on the right foot. Here are three key things to focus on when you’re out there searching for a new job.

Your resume. Before you set out looking for a new job opportunity, you must refresh your resume. This not only entails making sure it’s up to date but also tailoring it to each job you’re applying for. Instead of including an Objective, clearly state what position you’re interested in and why you would be great in the job. Also make sure you include keywords as there’s a good chance your resume will be automatically scanned to see if it fits the bill before it reaches a human.

Your interview skills. Coming across polished and put together is an important part of getting hired by a company. So, before you go into the interview, research the company where you’re applying. Know who the leaders and see if their values resonate with your own. Have some related stories ready to tell. The day of the interview, don’t overschedule yourself and make sure you enter the company’s doors early and stress free (as much as possible). Give yourself the best chance to appear calm, cool and collected knowing you’re prepared and on time.

Your networking. Many times, you’ll get word of a new job from an individual rather than a job listing. Keeping up with all the ways you can network is foundational to landing a new job. Sharpen your communication skills and learn how to ask questions and listen to others when attending networking events. Use all the social media platforms possible to build your brand and connect with other people. Also, be willing to return the favors people do for you in terms of job searching.

When you’ve got these three foundational steps down, the rest is honing in on exactly what you want to do and what you’re about so you have something to share with your new potential employers. Be interesting, share stories and demonstrate how you volunteer. Look for ways to stand out, like doing something as simple as wearing a colored scarf to the interview. Make yourself memorable in a good way, just in case you’re one of many they are considering.

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