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Our Mission at Career Resources LLC



... is to help you succeed - pure and simple.

In today’s competitive job market, company leaders look for more in potential employees than a well-structured resume. Whether you are mid-career and looking to change course or a recent graduate hoping to launch your career, we provide the tools you need. We have helped hundreds of job seekers to discover the right job and get hired.

At Career Resources, we help you gain the edge on the competition by offering a wide range of services that include career counseling, researching industry trends, preparing for interviews and elevator pitches, image consultation for a diversity of interview scenarios, and polishing resumes and cover letters. We serve as both a coach and a valuable teammate, helping you to relax and present your best self to potential employers.

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The Journey Towards Career Satisfaction Begins on the Path of Awareness. Begin Your Journey Today.

Excellent Service! Thank you so much!

- D. Decker

Amy is such a pleasure to work with! She is efficient and very skilled in her field. I can tell that career coaching is a talent and passion of hers, not just a job. I have seen her help her clients land their dream job. I can count on her to keep me updated on the job market and I love her career tips!

- D. White

Out of this work, I get an extraordinary resumé and gain knowledge about how the industry works to recruit people. I appreciate your help, Amy. You are great! Thank you!

- L. Hernandez

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