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Crack the Code to Your Capitol Hill Job Success

Washington, D.C., Career Coaching Focused on Your Future

Achieve Career Clarity

Discover your passion and turn it into your career

Know Your Audience

Build rapport with people from all generations and levels.

Gain Long-term Skills

Stand out with tools for today and future career moves.

Have you been putting in the work…only to hear crickets?

You’re ready to take the next step in your Washington, D.C., career, but you’re stuck. And job searching is stressful enough as is—never mind trying to get hired in one of the country’s most competitive job markets!


Despite researching jobs and applying left and right, something just isn’t clicking. Perhaps you:

Or maybe it’s a combination of the above! Either way, it’s all feeling like a waste of time, and you’re on the brink of giving up. 


But all you need is the key to…

Communicate effectively with every generation.


A successful career strategy often comes down to knowing your audience and how to speak each other’s language. We help candidates of all generations and experience levels navigate the Capitol Hill culture so they can build fulfilling careers. 


Our career coaching equips you with:

  • Customized 1:1 guidance to map out your career path and goals

  • A strategy based on what your prospective employer is looking for

  • An understanding of why they ask certain questions with tailored responses


All of this will ease your search and launch a career that ignites your passion!

Job interview

You don’t have to navigate your job search alone.

Career Resources partners with private sector* job seekers in the Capitol Hill/Washington, D.C. metro areas, including: 

  • Gen X-ers who want to highlight their experience and adaptability

  • Millennials who are working toward leadership positions 

  • Gen Z-ers who want to gain experience in their ideal job

  • Recently laid-off professionals after a long career in the same position

  • Those pivoting to a new career or field

  • Candidates who need to improve their soft skills


If you want a new approach to your job search and are ready to put in the work, we’ll give you the tools to do it!


*Please note: While there are dedicated experts focusing on federal employment, our passion lies in guiding those seeking opportunities beyond the federal sector.

Washington, D.C., Career Coaching Services

Career Coaching

Dive deep into your job search, networking, interviewing, and negotiation strategies.

Résumé Writing

Make your résumé and cover letter POP by tailoring it to your prospective employer.

LinkedIn Coaching

Revamp your LinkedIn profile and learn how to maximize the platform for your job search.

What is Career Coaching vs. Recruiting?

There’s a lot of confusion around the difference between a career coach and a recruiter. Let’s break down both roles to ensure we’re the best fit for you.

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Are you still unsure of what you need? Let’s chat!

Notes from Happy Professionals

Excellent Service! Thank you so much!

~ D. Decker


Meet Amy Leighton, Your Capitol Hill Career Coach

My passion is helping Washington, D.C., job seekers across generations land their next great position with communication skills and powerful résumés that help them stand out to employers. I’m a Certified Career Coach and Professional Résumé Writer with personal experience transitioning from one career to another.


After 20 years of experience working in human resources and employee benefits consulting/compliance, I became a certified résumé writing coach and started taking on clients in the community.


That said, I understand the stress and anxiety that comes along with finding not just a job but the RIGHT job. One that isn’t simply a paycheck but also fills your soul! To that end, I work alongside each of my clients helping them achieve a successful career transition.

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