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Why Changing Jobs Within Your Industry is a Good Idea

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

It’s easy to get into a rut with your job. If you’re feeling bored, unchallenged, or just want to make a

change, making a switch to a new job in your industry may be a good move for you. For example, if

you’re an account manager in a large company, perhaps look at the same position in a small start-up

and see what they offer instead. The following breaks down some reasons making a change like this is a good idea.

It broadens your experience. Some say that once you reach about three years on a job, you’ve been able to learn most of what you’re going to about the position. If you love your job, it might be enjoyable to stay, but if you want to obtain a different kind of experience, it might time to make the switch. Like the example already given, you could learn what industries of different sizes offer. For example, if you move to a smaller company, you might get to learn more from your boss through one-on-one interaction. If you make a change to a larger company, you might have more opportunities for formal training and development.

You’re more valuable to employers. The more experience you gain from different positions, the more

employers find value in having you as their employee. This isn’t true of true job hoping, of course, so you have to balance changing jobs with staying in them long enough to not appear you are disloyal. One case is if you’ve worked for a competitor, you bring knowledge about how other companies produce, offer services, and manage. You bring with you all of the expertise you have gained from each position.

You increase your earning power. If some of your job switches are forms of promotion, you’re likely to

earn a salary increase as well. The faster you move up the ladder as you transfer, the quicker your salary grows. All of the things you’re doing to broaden your experiences and gain more skills makes you more valuable and earns you more money. This will be harder to do if you stay in the same job at the same company for decades on end.

What you don’t want to do is move around to jobs haphazardly. If you are going to switch jobs within

your industry, make a plan. Ask yourself why you really want to move, and then clearly define the kind of company you want to move to. Also, find companies that align with your personal values. Together, these strategies lead to more exciting career opportunities with more potential.

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