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Three Tips for Changing Careers in Your 20s

At first thought, it may seem unusual to make a career change in your 20s. After all, didn’t you just get started in your career? That may be true, but depending where you are in the decade of your 20s, you may have been at your job for a while now. Or you may have just gotten started and realized your current career path isn’t for you after all. If you’re thinking about making a drastic switch in directions during your 20s, here are a few things to consider.

Know what motivates you. As you grow older, you gain more experiences and witness more than a few personal losses and failures. These events shape who you are and you grow a feeling for what you want as things like this take place in your life. This may be more difficult to do in your 20s, but it is certainly possible. Think back to when you were a kid. What got you excited to go to school or to work harder? What have you learned at your current job that you don’t like to do? Answers to these kinds of questions help you determine what path to take next in terms of your career.

Find a mentor. If you don’t have the experience yourself, learn it through another person. Many people are happy and humbled to be asked to mentor another person. You’re telling them they have a lot to add to their career field. Seek out people who is currently doing what you think you want to do next and ask them questions. For example, are you sitting at a desk job but you’re thinking about becoming a fulltime yoga instructor? Ask the owner of your local yoga studio out for a coffee or tea. Inquire how they got started. Ask what they wish they knew about their job before they had gotten started and what advice they wish someone had given them.

Make a plan. When you’ve gathered enough information to make a switch, then formulate a plan. A career change is usually something you want to plan out and not do on a whim. Plan how you will graciously resign from your job. Do you need to get more education for a new career? Then think about taking some of those classes while you’re still in your current job because they may even pay for them. Make an outline of necessary steps to follow for making a change.

A career change is an exciting time for anyone, and our modern world is a more friendly place to make job changes than in decades past. Your 20s can be a decade when you have a lot of fun, meet many people and just generally get to know yourself. Take your time if you aren’t in your ideal career. Get to know more about your dream job through research and other people. Then, if you decide it’s the right move for you, go for it because you’re only young once!

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