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As 2023 draws to a close - a year that's been nothing short of a rollercoaster in the job market - it's time to get excited about what's next! The holiday season isn't just about festivities; it's a fantastic opportunity to gear up for new career adventures. Whether it's a gift to yourself or a nudge for someone special, our career enhancement package is like unwrapping the future of your professional dreams


Holiday Exclusive: Festive Flourish — Unwrap Your Professional Potential!

Our offer includes:

  • Standout Resume Creation: In today’s dynamic job market, a standard resume just won’t cut it. We specialize in crafting resumes that not only pop but also precisely showcase your skills and achievements, making you an irresistible candidate to potential employers.

  • Eye-Catching Cover Letter: Your cover letter is your story's opening chapter. We’ll help you weave your experiences and aspirations into a narrative that captivates hiring managers from the first line, setting you apart in a sea of applicants.

  • LinkedIn Profile Makeover: Your online presence is your 24/7 networking tool. We transform your LinkedIn profile into a powerful asset, ensuring you shine online and make meaningful connections that count in your job search.

  • Personalized Coaching Magic: Embark on a journey of career transformation with three 60-minute coaching sessions. These sessions are packed with insights, strategies, and personalized advice, guiding you through the nuances of the job market and empowering you with the confidence to excel.


Why Choose Our Service? It’s Simple!

  • Expert Guidance, Fun Approach: As a seasoned Career Coach and Resume Writer, I bring not only expertise but also a touch of fun to the process, making your job search journey both effective and enjoyable.

  • Tailored Just for You: Your career path is unique, and so should be your preparation. Every step of our service is customized to align with your personal style and career goals.

  • Your Trustworthy Career Ally: We’re dedicated to empowering you with confidence and practical tools. Consider us your partner in navigating the complexities of the job market.

2024 Here We Come: Armed with Career Superpowers!

This holiday season, give yourself or someone special the gift of professional growth and excitement. Our package is meticulously designed to equip you with all the essentials for navigating the job market with zest and confidence.

Ready to Sparkle in Your Career? Let’s Chat!

Invest in your professional future with our comprehensive package. At $925, it’s an investment in unlocking your full career potential. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have successfully navigated their job search challenges with our expert guidance.

Kickstart 2024 with a Bang! Unwrap Your Career Potential This Holiday Season

About the CEO

Hi, I’m Amy!

My passion is helping Washington, D.C., job seekers across generations land their next great position with communication skills and powerful résumés that help them stand out to employers. I’m a Certified Career Coach and Professional Résumé Writer with personal experience transitioning from one career to another.

Image by Caley Dimmock

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